Meet Hypnotique

  • Monica Iuliana GHIDUC 1st Violin
  • Nicoleta PETRE Andreea CALIN 2nd Violin
  • Andreea TUDOR Andreea CAPATANA Viola
  • Ana-Luiza HAN Ana-Luiza HAN Keyboard / Piano

Hypnotique Electric Violin Band was founded in 2007


Iuliana GHIDUC -   1st Violin
Andreea CALIN -  2nd Violin
Andreea CAPATANAR -  Viola
Ana-Luiza HAN -  Keyboard / Piano

It is the only band of it’s kind that can give a full 60’ performance in  
four different genres:

  • Classic & Baroque Music (having been present already in two editions of the George Enescu International Music Festival)
  • Ambiental Music (the band performed an opening act for the world-famous french pianist Richard Clayderman at the maestro’s request in 2013, and also twice in 2014)
  • Pop & Rock Music (the girls were invited to perform an opening act for the well renowned guitarist Steve Vai, and also had a live performance in Hard Rock Cafe)
  • Dance & Clubbing (the group is partner of the well-known Fratelli Exclusive Club)

The band is a frequent presence at high-end events, receiving numerous invitations to perform locally and abroad (Switzerland, Czech Republic, England, Malta). Recently, the group has been invited in Malta, having the honour of closing the Gala of La Valetta’s International Festival.